Welcome to AirWorks

The fastest and easiest way to get CAD drawings from your drone-collected aerial imagery. 

What is AirWorks?  

AirWorks is an AI-powered autonomous drafting software for firms in the built world. We developed a platform that allows firms to quickly get CAD drawings from their aerial images, shortening the current traditional process by weeks, if not months. With our AI-powered algorithms, the data files that you upload are autonomously identified and categorized such that our software can then churn out a pixel-accurate engineering plan.  

AirWorks is available around the world to whoever needs it and remains 100% web-based, meaning that it is accessible to almost anyone, at the office or on-the-go.  

The AirWorks app on-the-go.

Who can use AirWorks?  

AirWorks can be used by any firm in the built environment that needs engineering plans and currently has unprocessed aerial data. While we typically serve civil engineers and land surveyors, we might also be a great fit for your business if you are a: real estate developer, construction management company, contractor or subcontractor, drone service provider, and many more.  

If you want to learn more about AirWorks or have questions about our various subscription plans, contact us at info@airworks.io or visit www.airworks.io.