AirWorks’ Recommended Flight Parameters

Aircraft Type Rotorcraft UAV
Image Settings Angle: Based on Site Profile 
GPS Metadata: Enabled 
Aperture: F/4 to F/5 
ISO: Low preferred, between 100 and 250 
Shutter Speed: 1/250 or above 
Flight Boundary 100 ft distortion buffer from processing boundary 
Weather Conditions Fly on cloudy days for best results 
Image Overlap Setting at 80% side overlap and 85% front overlap.
Flight Grid Depends on the site profile
Flight Altitude 150ft 
Number of Images Depends on your choice of photogrammetry software, usually no more than 5,000 images 
Ground Control Based on ASPRS accuracy recommendations 

In order to maintain the highest standards of accuracy in our deliverables, we request that if you have data that has been collected outside of our recommended parameters, you either collect the data again or speak to someone from our support team before submitting your data to discuss accuracy expectations and what we are able to deliver.

Please contact your account manager for details on data quality and accuracy.

The AirWorks application is also suitable for datasets collected with manned aircraft, with some limitations depending on the GSD and altitude of the data collected. To learn more about processing manned aircraft data in the AirWorks app, click here.