Getting Started – Collecting Data

Successful data processing and autonomous drafting start at the data collection phase. Advancements in Remote Sensing and Surveying technology have opened up a multitude of data collection options; to see if your hardware fits into our process, please review the “Equipment & Hardware” page. If you are struggling with collecting data that is both adequate and useful for aerial mapping, get started by taking a look at our recommended flight parameters overview to get a quick snapshot of what changes you can make for improving your data collection processes.

What survey types are best suited for AirWorks?

We work with many types of surveys, but there are some that provide us the best possible information to guarantee we are delivering both high-quality work and added value to our customers. We currently do work with the following types of surveys:

  • Existing Conditions
  • Site Planning & Feasibility
  • Topographic
  • Right of Way

What types of projects can I process through AirWorks?

You may be wondering; what type of projects does the AirWorks application accept and process? While we are able to convert almost any aerial dataset into a CAD drawing, there are some project profiles that are better suited to our application at this time. These are outlined below:  

Project TypeNote to Customers
Shopping MallsAll sites
Schools/CampusesAll sites
Residential CommunitiesAll Sites
AirportsIf permit allows, runways and taxi lines
Cities/TownsProvide LiDAR for vegetated areas
WarehousesAll sites
Commercial/IndustrialAll sites
Coastal ProjectsPorts, marinas, erosion
WaterwaysRivers, lakes, dams
Transportation/InfrastructureAlmost all sites, some exceptions
HighwaysDoT work
RailroadsAll sites, with vegetation considerations
Renewable EnergyLarge wind and solar developments
UtilitiesAbove ground only, no wire analysis
Aggregate Studies/MiningAbove ground only
Oil & Gas DistributionAbove ground only
ForestryOnly if LiDAR is available
BridgesNo structural engineering projects