File Naming Conventions

Please only use the following characters in your file names, as other characters will be replaced and you may encounter data upload issues when starting a project: 

Character Type Examples 
Uppercase letters A-Z 
Lowercase letters a-z 
Numbers 0-9 
Dash – 

The following is a list of illegal characters in our file naming conventions, and files that contain these will not be processed, which will result in upload issues and processing delays. 

Pound (#), percent (%), ampersand (&), curly brackets ({}), slashes (\ /), angle brackets (<>), brackets ([]), asterisk (*), question mark (?), currency signs ($ € ), exclamation point (!), single or double quotes, at symbol (@), plus sign (+), equal sign (=), pipe (|), comma, colon, and, semicolon. 

Please also note that blank spaces are not allowed in file names, and are some of the more common issues encountered when uploading datasets to the AirWorks app.