Adding new CAD templates to your account

How do I create a new template?

To create a new template, simply click on + New Template at the bottom of the list of all templates. From there you will be prompted to name your template and upload your desired template file, either by drag and drop or by choosing a file from your library.

*Please only upload .dxf files as templates, other files formats like .dwg can be converted into .dxf prior to uploading.

Creating a new CAD template in AirWorks.
CAD template file upload in progress.

Once your file has finished uploading, you can click on Add Template at the bottom of the page and move on to matching your existing layers to our default layers.

The AirWorks layer column shows all of the layers that our software currently identifies and maps. You should go through your list of layers from the file and map them accordingly to our existing layers. For example, you may choose to map your layer called Plumbing to our layer called Drains. You can also choose to leave some layers unmatched.

Once you are done matching the layers, you can click on Add Template and move on to selecting the line styles for each layer.

Here you can assign line styles, weights, and colors to each of the layers in your CAD template by selecting your desired option from the dropdown menus, as well as decide which of our ten mapped layers you would like to be delivered in that style.

Editing CAD template line styles in AirWorks.

How do I edit an existing CAD template?

Editing an existing template can be done by simply going to your Account Settings page, in the CAD Templates tab, and selecting which template you want to edit. From here you can change the name of your template, rearrange your mapped AirWorks layers and change your chosen line styles. To see your changes reflected, make sure to click the Save button at the top of the page.