Creating a New Project and Placing an Order

Once you have collected your aerial data, ran it through photogrammetry, and confirmed that all files meet our data quality requirements, you are ready to create a new project in the AirWorks app.

Creating a new project in AirWorks is simple and can be done in a few easy steps:

Step One:

In the main screen, titled My Projects, click on the blue + button in the top right corner. You will see a screen that asks you to name your project. The name of your project should be something easily recognizable and searchable, as this will make it much easier for you to access your CAD deliverables afterward.

Create a new project screen, name your project, and include an optional description.

Step Two:

From here you can click on the button that says Upload .tif and .las files to import your chosen files. Keep in mind that Please keep in mind that uploading large files takes time, especially when doing so over limited internet bandwidth. Once all your files finish uploading, you can click on Continue to move on to the next step.

Upload your files into AirWorks, either by drag and drop, or selecting them in your files.

If you have issues with file uploads, it is likely a problem with file size or naming conventions, please visit our section on data preparedness to verify if your file is compatible in the AirWorks app.

Step Three:

When your files are uploaded, you will be redirected to your Project Details page in which you will see your orthomosaic image overlaid on a map or satellite image of the exact location of your site. The next step is to select the area within that site that you want to submit for processing.

If you have uploaded your own boundary files along with your point cloud and orthomosaic files, you can go ahead and move to Step Four, submitting your project for processing.

If you haven’t uploaded a boundary file, or want to choose a different area within the site to process, you can click on Draw to manually select it. Our draw tool allows you to draw a polygon with multiple nodes so that you can more accurately choose your processing area. You can then move on to Step Four.

Project view with base map in the background.
Project view with satellite background.

*Orders in AirWorks can be processed if you have both .tif and .las files, or if you just have a .tif or .las.

Step Four:

Your project is ready for processing!

Please make sure that you click on the Process Site button at the bottom of your Project Details page. You will then be redirected to an order confirmation page, at which point you will be able to select your desired CAD template, processing bundle, and any add-ons for that project.

First, you will want to select the base package (processing bundle) that you want to be applied to that project. You can toggle between the four options to see what is included with each.

Order confirmation page in the AirWorks app, with processing bundle options and CAD template selection.

Second, you will be able to select any add-on layers and deliverables to be applied to that project. We offer an extensive list of add-ons, all of which are priced on a per-acre basis. The price displayed for each add-on will be the total price for applying that layer or deliverable, based on the total area (acreage) of the project to be processed.

AirWorks add-on layers and deliverables, customers are able to check the ones to be added to their project prior to placing an order.

Third, you will be able to select your desired CAD template, in the project details box on the right side of your screen. If your selected bundle includes drafting for topography (major and minor contours), please indicate your intervals in the boxes provided.

If you do not select a custom CA template, we will use your predetermined default, or the AirWorks default template if you don’t have any templates in your account. Learn more about our CAD templates feature here.

AirWorks project details summary box.

This project details box will also show the details of your project, including the total acreage to be processed, any selected add-ons and deliverables, as well as the acreage to be discounted from your annual plan. The total amount displayed will reflect the amount to be paid for any selected add-ons and deliverables, which you’ll be able to pay for once you proceed to the next step.

Step Five:

AirWorks credit card details & payment screen.

If you have selected add-ns and deliverables, these will need to be paid for separately via credit card. Please input your payment information and click on Continue.

If you did not select any add-ons for your project, you will still see this screen, but you will not see the credit card details form since the amount owed will be $0. In these cases, please click on Continue to move on to the next screen.

Step Six:

AirWorks order form summary and confirmation page.

The summary page will display all the relevant details for your project. Please note that we do provide an estimated delivery date for your final deliverables. This is calculated based on our current capacity and quality control backlog. We do our best to deliver by the date listed, but sometimes, depending on the size and density of the project, may deliver it earlier than expected.

You must click on the blue Continue button to place your order. If you forget to click it, your project will not automatically kick-off and delays may occur. As soon as you submit your order, the tile for the project on the main screen in the app will change to our progress bar, and you will receive an email confirmation that your order is underway.

Now, all you have to do is wait. As soon as your project is completed, you will receive both an in-app notification and an email. Learn more about viewing your project deliverables here.