Frequently Asked Questions

File Related Questions:

Why can’t I see my .tif?

Files like these are large and take time to render on the map. The larger a .tif file is, the longer it will take to display correctly on the map. If you do not see any tiles within 20 minutes of a completed .tif file upload, please contact support.

How many .las or .laz files can I upload?

The limit does not exist! We accept multiple versions of both .las and .laz files.

Can I upload compressed files?

We don’t recommend you upload compressed files like .jpeg as it reduces the quality of the output that we can deliver. If you have them, we’d prefer you to upload your .laz or .las files.

Why are my files taking so long to upload?

Large files take time to upload, especially on networks with limited bandwidth, shared networks, or home networks. The larger a file is, the longer it will take to upload, which is why we recommend tiling your files so that each is 3GB or less. This also reduces your upload times.

Do you accept other types of files besides .tif and .las? Ex: .tfw

Right now, we only accept .tif, .las, .laz and .kml files. That being said, we are looking to expand that list in the future and will announce it when we do.

Project Related Questions:

When is my project going to be ready?

We’d love to give every customer the same timeline but the truth is, it depends. Generally, our projects are delivered between 48-72 hours after you submit it for processing, but that may vary depending on the specifics of your site, as well as the size of the deliverable you requested.

I am unable to complete my project processing order.

A project can only be sent to processing when there is at least one data file (.tif/.las/.laz) uploaded and a valid boundary file (.kml) either drawn or uploaded. If you have uploaded your files and still cannot send your project to processing, you may not have an adequate number of acres for the size of the boundary you have defined. In this case, you will need to upgrade your plan to get access to more processing acres. If this is not the case, please contact us for assistance.

Account Related Questions:

I forgot my password. How do I change it?

Please visit our section on how to reset your password to read more. You can always click on the Forgot Password? button to receive an email with instructions on how to access your account again.

I can’t find my reset password email.

Did you check your spam folder? If you have and it’s been more than 10 minutes since you requested your password reset, please contact us and we will assist you!