Account Statistics and Usage

Order History

All of your past completed projects will be available in your account under the My Projects main screen, and these are never removed or archived from your account unless you or your organizational account admin do so.

The AirWorks app also allows you to process multiple orders under the same project. You can view a list of all your past orders, the date said order was placed as well as the total acreage that order utilized by going to your account settings and selecting the Order History tab.

Plan Usage

AirWorks subscription plans work on an annual basis, and any unused acres will roll over into the next plan year*.

*An additional fee is applied to accounts when transferring unused acres to the next plan year. Please contact your account manager for details.

If you ever want to view a comprehensive report of your AirWorks app usage, you can do so by going to your account settings page and going to the Plan Usage tab. Here you’ll be able to see how many total acres you have used so far and how many acres are pending (based on active projects currently in progress). You will also be able to see your average acres used per month and per project.

Plan usage page in the AirWorks app.

This tool is particularly helpful for organizational account admins who want to quickly gauge app utilization and implementation across multiple users in a single account, as well as to anticipate whether you may have a need for a larger processing acreage allowance in the next year.