Taking Measurements in Finalized Orders

With this feature, you will be able to take detailed measurements within your completed project sites. You can access this feature by going to any finalized order on your My Projects page and going to the CAD View tab.

You can currently take three types of measurements in the AirWorks app:

Area of a Polygon

By clicking on the hexagon icon in the toolbar, you’ll be able to draw any shape polygon to get its area in square feet. To draw, simply click on the icon and place the polygon nodes around the area you’d like measured. Please make sure to connect the first and last points of your polygon to calculate the area. With this feature, you can also draw multiple polygons at the same time and have the ability to move existing drawn polygons around the site to compare and contrast areas right in AirWorks.

Area of a polygon calculation in AirWorks.


You are able to calculate angles by selecting the icon in the toolbar and drawing the lines you wish to calculate. We are currently only able to calculate internal acute and obtuse angles. Similarly, as above, you are able to draw multiple angle calculation lines and can move existing drawn lines around the site to compare measurements.

Measuring angles in AirWorks.

Length of a Line

The third measurement you are able to calculate is the length of any line. By clicking on the ruler icon in the toolbar, you’ll be able to draw a line, either straight or not, and calculate its length. You may calculate the length of any type of line, just add the nodes by clicking as you draw. This feature also allows you to draw multiple lines across the site, as well as move existing lines around to compare and contrast measurements.

Finalize a line measurement by double-clicking on the last node to calculate.

One thing to note is that we currently do not support displaying more than one type of the measurements mentioned above at a given time, meaning that you will only be able to see polygons, angles, or lines at a time.