Standard Deliverables (Outputs)

At the time of placing an order, your deliverable format will be automatically selected for you based on the bundle that you select for that project.

What is the AirWorks standard deliverable file format?

The standard deliverable for all projects processed through AirWorks is a CAD file in .dxf format, regardless of the bundle selected*. This CAD file will include planimetric feature extraction and/or contours, which we’ll deliver depending on the bundle and any additional features selected at the time of processing.

*If you select our “Topo Advanced” bundle, we will deliver the following:

  • CAD file in .dxf format
  • surface file in .landxml file format
  • classified point cloud (ground/non-ground only) in .las file format

You may also select any additional deliverable (output) formats when submitting an order. These can be selected from the catalog right in the order form. Click here to see our complete list of additional deliverables.