How to Export from Leica Infinity

1. To create a new project, go to ‘New Project’ and fill in the project details, Units, and Coordinate Reference System. When complete, click ‘Create’ to open your new project.

2. Once your project is open, go to the ‘Home Ribbon’ and select ‘Import’. Navigate to the folder with your GeoTiff, select the file, and set the ‘Units’ and ‘Coordinate Type’ under ‘Import Settings’ and click ‘Import’. Repeat this process for your las file. If you already have a project with a tif and las, you can skip to the Export step.

3. In the Navigator tab, under ‘Source’, highlight the file to be exported. In the Home Ribbon, select ‘Export’ and then ‘Selection’. This will open a new export window. Set the Output type at the bottom of the window to “Georeferenced Images” and set the ‘Export Settings’ in the right window pane to the correct coordinate type, units, GeoTiff, and the desired ‘File Sampling’ and ‘Compression Type’ settings.

4. Repeat Step 3 with your .las file, selecting ‘Point Cloud – LAS’ for the ‘Output Type’ and the correct Units under ‘Export Settings’.

5. Repeat Step 3 with your Coordinate System file, selecting ‘Coordinate System – TRFSET.DAT’ for the ‘Output Type’.

6. Go to the save location of your Coordinate System .dat file, right-click, and open with Notepad++ (free) or a similar application. Read the coordinate reference system to verify the EPSG code.