Taking Measurements in Finalized Orders

With this feature, you will be able to take detailed measurements within your completed project sites. You can access this feature by going to any finalized order on your My Projects page and going to the CAD View tab.

You can currently take three types of measurements in the AirWorks app:

Area of a Polygon

By clicking on the hexagon icon in the toolbar, you’ll be able to draw any shape polygon to get its area in square feet. To draw, simply click on the icon and place the polygon nodes around the area you’d like measured. Please make sure to connect the first and last points of your polygon to calculate the area. With this feature, you can also draw multiple polygons at the same time and have the ability to move existing drawn polygons around the site to compare and contrast areas right in AirWorks.

Area of a polygon calculation in AirWorks.


You are able to calculate angles by selecting the icon in the toolbar and drawing the lines you wish to calculate. We are currently only able to calculate internal acute and obtuse angles. Similarly, as above, you are able to draw multiple angle calculation lines and can move existing drawn lines around the site to compare measurements.

Measuring angles in AirWorks.

Length of a Line

The third measurement you are able to calculate is the length of any line. By clicking on the ruler icon in the toolbar, you’ll be able to draw a line, either straight or not, and calculate its length. You may calculate the length of any type of line, just add the nodes by clicking as you draw. This feature also allows you to draw multiple lines across the site, as well as move existing lines around to compare and contrast measurements.

Finalize a line measurement by double-clicking on the last node to calculate.

One thing to note is that we currently do not support displaying more than one type of the measurements mentioned above at a given time, meaning that you will only be able to see polygons, angles, or lines at a time.

Account Statistics and Usage

Order History

All of your past completed projects will be available in your account under the My Projects main screen, and these are never removed or archived from your account unless you or your organizational account admin do so.

The AirWorks app also allows you to process multiple orders under the same project. You can view a list of all your past orders, the date said order was placed as well as the total acreage that order utilized by going to your account settings and selecting the Order History tab.

Plan Usage

AirWorks subscription plans work on an annual basis, and any unused acres will roll over into the next plan year*.

*An additional fee is applied to accounts when transferring unused acres to the next plan year. Please contact your account manager for details.

If you ever want to view a comprehensive report of your AirWorks app usage, you can do so by going to your account settings page and going to the Plan Usage tab. Here you’ll be able to see how many total acres you have used so far and how many acres are pending (based on active projects currently in progress). You will also be able to see your average acres used per month and per project.

Plan usage page in the AirWorks app.

This tool is particularly helpful for organizational account admins who want to quickly gauge app utilization and implementation across multiple users in a single account, as well as to anticipate whether you may have a need for a larger processing acreage allowance in the next year.

Applying CAD templates to your order

How can I apply my desired template to an order?

You should go about your order processing as you normally would by following the steps outlined here. Once you are ready and have confirmed your order, you will be directed to our Order Confirmation page which contains a dropdown menu that will display all of your available templates. simply select your desired template and click on Confirm and Complete Order. We will handle the rest!

How to add CAD template to an order in AirWorks.

Can I apply a specific template after I process my order?

At this time, we do not support changing a template after an order has been submitted for processing. If you need help with an order that you want to be canceled or changed, please contact us at support@airworks.io and someone will be in touch to discuss your options.

Adding new CAD templates to your account

How do I create a new template?

To create a new template, simply click on + New Template at the bottom of the list of all templates. From there you will be prompted to name your template and upload your desired template file, either by drag and drop or by choosing a file from your library.

*Please only upload .dxf files as templates, other files formats like .dwg can be converted into .dxf prior to uploading.

Creating a new CAD template in AirWorks.
CAD template file upload in progress.

Once your file has finished uploading, you can click on Add Template at the bottom of the page and move on to matching your existing layers to our default layers.

The AirWorks layer column shows all of the layers that our software currently identifies and maps. You should go through your list of layers from the file and map them accordingly to our existing layers. For example, you may choose to map your layer called Plumbing to our layer called Drains. You can also choose to leave some layers unmatched.

Once you are done matching the layers, you can click on Add Template and move on to selecting the line styles for each layer.

Here you can assign line styles, weights, and colors to each of the layers in your CAD template by selecting your desired option from the dropdown menus, as well as decide which of our ten mapped layers you would like to be delivered in that style.

Editing CAD template line styles in AirWorks.

How do I edit an existing CAD template?

Editing an existing template can be done by simply going to your Account Settings page, in the CAD Templates tab, and selecting which template you want to edit. From here you can change the name of your template, rearrange your mapped AirWorks layers and change your chosen line styles. To see your changes reflected, make sure to click the Save button at the top of the page.

CAD Templates


We understand that every firm and client has different requirements for their CAD deliverables. Whether it is different layer names or line styles, we want to reduce the time it takes for our customers to go from their aerial datasets to CAD drawings as much as possible.

With that in mind, we decided to create the CAD Templates feature to give our customers the ability to control how they receive their files and reduce the amount of work needed in post-processing or file conversions.

Viewing your existing templates

In the AirWorks app, go to your Account settings page and click on the CAD Templates tab. You will be able to see a list of any previously existing templates, as well as our AirWorks default template. If you click on the specific name, you can choose to assign it as your default template, and you can edit all the details, including the template’s name, how your layers are mapped, and the line styles.

CAD Templates view in your AirWorks account.

Learn how to create new CAD templates here.

Subscription Plans & Bundles

Every AirWorks plan comes with a standard amount of acres to use throughout the year as you submit orders for processing. The actual amount of acres discounted from your account will vary depending on the type of project and processing bundle selected at the time you place the order.

Subscription Plans

Plan TypeAnnual Acreage Allotment

Processing Bundles

Since every project that you process through AirWorks has different requirements, you can select a processing bundle at the time of placing your order that best reflects the layers and deliverables you need for that specific project.

Acres will be discounted from your account based on the size and density of your project. Please contact our sales team or your account manager to see a complete breakdown of how we calculate the acres discounted from your annual subscription plan.

Below is the list of our standard bundles, along with the layers and deliverables that are automatically included in every order.

BundleIncluded LayersDeliverables
Pavement Markings
Catch Basins
Concrete Pad
CAD drawing (.dxf)
2D + TopoContours (Major & Minor)
Pavement Markings
Catch Basins
Concrete Pad
CAD drawing (.dxf)
TopoContours (Major & Minor)CAD drawing (.dxf)
Topo AdvancedContours (Major & Minor)CAD drawing (.dxf)
Classified Point Cloud (Ground, Non-Ground)
Surface with Breaklines

We also offer layer and deliverable add-ons, all of which can be selected on a case by case basis. See the complete list of our layers, deliverables, and add-ons here.

Viewing a Finalized Order

When can I expect my project to be done?

In order to deliver only the best quality product to our customers, our team takes the autonomous output generated by our AI-powered software and manually reviews it to ensure accuracy. Because of this, the time it takes for AirWorks to deliver a finalized and QC’ed project varies depending on a variety of factors, including site acreage, site density, and input data quality.

If you are in need of expedited processing for your order, please contact our team to discuss your options.

How do I know when my project has finished processing?

As soon as your project has been completed, you will receive an in-app notification and an email notification letting you know that your order is complete and ready to view in AirWorks.

How do I view my completed project?

You can then log in to the app and open the Project Details page to view your output. In the CAD View tab, you will see your orthomosaic image with our delivered linework.

CAD View of a finalized project in AirWorks.

In this view, you will also be able to toggle the project layers one-by-one to view only specific layers, or you can toggle off either the CAD view, orthomosaic, or base map entirely to just view the linework.

CAD View of a finalized project, no orthomosaic background.

From here, you can download your CAD file by clicking on the downward-facing arrow to initiate a download of your .dxf file.

Projects in AirWorks are not removed from your account unless you manually delete them, so all of your completed and delivered orders will remain in your account for future use, reference or download.

Creating a New Project and Placing an Order

Once you have collected your aerial data, ran it through photogrammetry, and confirmed that all files meet our data quality requirements, you are ready to create a new project in the AirWorks app.

Creating a new project in AirWorks is simple and can be done in a few easy steps:

Step One:

In the main screen, titled My Projects, click on the blue + button in the top right corner. You will see a screen that asks you to name your project. The name of your project should be something easily recognizable and searchable, as this will make it much easier for you to access your CAD deliverables afterward.

Create a new project screen, name your project, and include an optional description.

Step Two:

From here you can click on the button that says Upload .tif and .las files to import your chosen files. Keep in mind that Please keep in mind that uploading large files takes time, especially when doing so over limited internet bandwidth. Once all your files finish uploading, you can click on Continue to move on to the next step.

Upload your files into AirWorks, either by drag and drop, or selecting them in your files.

If you have issues with file uploads, it is likely a problem with file size or naming conventions, please visit our section on data preparedness to verify if your file is compatible in the AirWorks app.

Step Three:

When your files are uploaded, you will be redirected to your Project Details page in which you will see your orthomosaic image overlaid on a map or satellite image of the exact location of your site. The next step is to select the area within that site that you want to submit for processing.

If you have uploaded your own boundary files along with your point cloud and orthomosaic files, you can go ahead and move to Step Four, submitting your project for processing.

If you haven’t uploaded a boundary file, or want to choose a different area within the site to process, you can click on Draw to manually select it. Our draw tool allows you to draw a polygon with multiple nodes so that you can more accurately choose your processing area. You can then move on to Step Four.

Project view with base map in the background.
Project view with satellite background.

*Orders in AirWorks can be processed if you have both .tif and .las files, or if you just have a .tif or .las.

Step Four:

Your project is ready for processing!

Please make sure that you click on the Process Site button at the bottom of your Project Details page. You will then be redirected to an order confirmation page, at which point you will be able to select your desired CAD template, processing bundle, and any add-ons for that project.

First, you will want to select the base package (processing bundle) that you want to be applied to that project. You can toggle between the four options to see what is included with each.

Order confirmation page in the AirWorks app, with processing bundle options and CAD template selection.

Second, you will be able to select any add-on layers and deliverables to be applied to that project. We offer an extensive list of add-ons, all of which are priced on a per-acre basis. The price displayed for each add-on will be the total price for applying that layer or deliverable, based on the total area (acreage) of the project to be processed.

AirWorks add-on layers and deliverables, customers are able to check the ones to be added to their project prior to placing an order.

Third, you will be able to select your desired CAD template, in the project details box on the right side of your screen. If your selected bundle includes drafting for topography (major and minor contours), please indicate your intervals in the boxes provided.

If you do not select a custom CA template, we will use your predetermined default, or the AirWorks default template if you don’t have any templates in your account. Learn more about our CAD templates feature here.

AirWorks project details summary box.

This project details box will also show the details of your project, including the total acreage to be processed, any selected add-ons and deliverables, as well as the acreage to be discounted from your annual plan. The total amount displayed will reflect the amount to be paid for any selected add-ons and deliverables, which you’ll be able to pay for once you proceed to the next step.

Step Five:

AirWorks credit card details & payment screen.

If you have selected add-ns and deliverables, these will need to be paid for separately via credit card. Please input your payment information and click on Continue.

If you did not select any add-ons for your project, you will still see this screen, but you will not see the credit card details form since the amount owed will be $0. In these cases, please click on Continue to move on to the next screen.

Step Six:

AirWorks order form summary and confirmation page.

The summary page will display all the relevant details for your project. Please note that we do provide an estimated delivery date for your final deliverables. This is calculated based on our current capacity and quality control backlog. We do our best to deliver by the date listed, but sometimes, depending on the size and density of the project, may deliver it earlier than expected.

You must click on the blue Continue button to place your order. If you forget to click it, your project will not automatically kick-off and delays may occur. As soon as you submit your order, the tile for the project on the main screen in the app will change to our progress bar, and you will receive an email confirmation that your order is underway.

Now, all you have to do is wait. As soon as your project is completed, you will receive both an in-app notification and an email. Learn more about viewing your project deliverables here.

Viewing Your Existing Projects

Once you have logged in, you will see the main screen, titled My Projects, in which you will be able to see all of your past and current projects. This dashboard screen will also display your acreage used progress bar, which shows you how many acres you have used so far, as well as how many acres you have remaining on your annual subscription plan.  

In this main screen, you will also be able to use the search bar to find specific projects, as well as access your user account settings.  

There are two main ways that you can display your existing projects in AirWorks:  

Grid View 

The grid view allows you to see a tiled list of all your projects, which you can choose to sort by most recent projects, ascending alphabetical order, or descending alphabetical order. The tiles in this view will display the orthomosaic file that you have uploaded for that project.  

Map View 

The map view will display all of your projects based on their geographic location and will show up as pins on the map. On the left-hand side, you will see cards with the project details as well as their corresponding image.  In this view, you are still able to sort your projects, either by most recent projects, ascending alphabetical order, or descending alphabetical order. 

AirWorks project map view.

In both views, you will also be able to see the progress of your active projects, meaning those that are currently being run through the app. When you have an active project, the tile image will change to our progress bar for your convenience. You will also receive email updates and in-app notifications every time an active project changes status or is completed and delivered to your account.

You can toggle between the two views in the app at any time by clicking on the two buttons directly to the right of the search bar, the pin icon represents the map view while the four squares icon represents the grid view.  

Organizational Accounts

The AirWorks app allows teams to function a single organizational account while having multiple users utilizing a single subscription plan. This means that all users of a single organizational account will use up the shared acreage pool, the progress of which can be viewed at the top of the main home screen.  

Organizational accounts will always have a set admin user who will be the go-to person for adding, managing, and removing other users in that same organizational account, as well as edit billing and payment information.  

Adding Users to an Organizational Account 

If you are the admin user of an AirWorks account, adding users is a simple process. You can add users by navigating to your account settings page under the User Management tab and clicking on Add New User. You will be prompted to input the person’s name and email address, after which they will receive an email prompting them to complete the account setup process. When you add users to your organizational account, they will receive an email to complete their account setup process by using the temporary login credentials. Please remind users to change their temporary password to a new one as soon as they log in for the first time.  

Removing Users from an Organizational Account 

As an admin, you can remove users from your organizational account anytime by navigating to the User Management tab and clicking on Delete User next to the name of the person you want to be removed from the account. This change is reflected automatically and this person will no longer be able to access the account, process data, nor download files.