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Data Quality Overview

Distortions, Resolution, Bad Data? This section breaks down some of the common errors found in the inputs.

For the best performance from AirWorks web app high quality accurate data is required. This section breaks down each of the common errors in the orthomoaics and point clouds and provides explanations and possible solutions. 

The first place to search for why the orthomoasic and point cloud have distortions or errors are the flight images. Optimal flight parameters are essential to creating high quality orthomoaics and point clouds. AirWorks' recommended parameters can be found here: "link"

Table Of Contents

  • Resolution or Ground Sampling Distance 
  • Geo-location
  • Distortions - Errors in Image Stitching 
      • Homogeneous Features: Forests, Water Bodies
      • Distortions at Edge of Project
      • Overexposed or Light Glow Distortion
      • Stitching Error: Distortions throughout site
  • Ground Control Tie points
      • Location Accuracy
      • Before and After location
      • Check point vs tie point