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Data Requirements

Project not processing? Wondering what file types allowed? Ensure your Orthomoasic and Point Cloud are in line with the AirWorks processing requirements

For best performance in the AirWorks web app high quality accurate data is essential. The more accurate the input data is the better the results from the web app will be. To ensure these results the AirWorks web app requires the following:

  1. An orthomosaic in a (.tif) 
  2. A point cloud as a (.las)
  3. Ground sampling distance (gsd) in the orthomosaic must be less than 0.1 feet
  4. The orthomosaic must be georeferenced to a recognized coordinate system that has an EPSG code
  5. If uploading a processing boundary it needs to be:
    1. Uploaded as a (.kml) file type
    2. Single feature boundary, i.e. no donuts
    3. A closed polygon or polyline, i.e. first point = last point
    4. Boundary extents are equivalent to or within both orthomosaics and point cloud extents