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AirWorks' Recommend Flight Parameters

Bad results are often linked too poor flight parameters. Are your standards in line with the AirWorks recommended flight parameters?

High quality accurate data is essential for every project and for the best possible results to be generated by the AirWorks AI. 

AirWorks recommends for best results:

    • Rotor aircraft for slower speeds and better control over site
    • Extra 100 ft distortion buffer for flight bounds from project bounds
    • Double grid flight with the camera angle at 60 degrees
    • Single grid flight with the camera angle at 90 degrees
    • Image overlap setting at 80% side overlap
    • Image overlap setting at 85% front overlap  
    • Flight altitude at 150ft with at least a 20 megapixel camera resolution
      • .5" GSD
    • Camera Settings - Auto settings are recommended but should have: 
      • ISO of ~ 100 and under 250
      • fstop f/4 to f/5
      • Shutter Speed of 1/250 or above
    • Total number of images should fall below 5000 per flight mission(approx. 85 acres with recommend flight parameters)
    • GPS location included in each image’s metadata (done automatically for most cameras)
    • Ground Control
      • Ground control points per acre spread evenly throughout site
      • Placement of a ground control point near each corner of the site 
      • Accuracy of ground control point location should be under a 0.05 foot 
      • Measurement of location recommended before and after flight