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Spacial Reference System (SRS) Geotif, Georeferenced

To use the AirWorks Web App the orthomosaic must have a spatial reference system included in its metadata. This means that the orthomosaic must be georeferenced to a recognized coordinate system that has an EPSG code. Choose a coordinate system when using your desired photogrammetry software to process the flight images. The NAD 1983 Stateplane coordinate system is a respected system that has corresponding EPSG codes. The map of the NAD 1983 state plane system is shown below:



Most modern cameras include gps location in longitude and latitude in every image’s metadata. Common photogrammetry processing software will be able to use the location of the image to georectify the processing files. To check if your images include the gps information follow the process below:     

For P.C. 

  • Using the file explore open the folder with the flight images 
  • right click on one of the images and select properties 
  • Select Details from the top tab
  • Scroll down to the GPS Section
  • The location of the image should be displayed in Longitude and Latitude 

The AirWorks Web App requires an EPSG coded coordinate system. More information on EPSG coordinate system and geolocation can be found in the following link: https://epsg.io/