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Order Site Plan

Not able to select the "Order Site Plans" button? Is it grayed out?

Order site

Not able to select the order site plans button?  Is it grayed out? Check to make sure all of the following files are present and try again:

  • Orthomosaic as a (.tif)
  • Point Cloud as a (.las)
  • Processing boundaryProcessing area bar
    • If added by uploading ensure the file is a (.kml)
    • If added using the draw button then make sure the boundary is closed. This can be achieved by double clicking or clicking the first point in of the polygon upon completion.
    Note that the Processing boundary should be different than the flight boundary.  
    The boundary is different to avoid distortions created from image stitching around the edges of sites. AirWorks recommends extending the flight boundary by 100' around the processing area. For more information on flight boundary's visit here: Link