Overexposed or Light Glow Distortion

If there are areas of the project that have a strange tint or hue, are overexpose or appear to be glowing this is most likely due to the exposure of the input images. The different types of this distortion are:

  • Blue Hue in a section of the orthomosaic 
  • Lack of points in point cloud due to a bright section of input images
  • Lack of points in point cloud due to shadows




Lighting conditions will vary from day to day and site to site so there is no one fix all approach, however trying to ensure a constant lighting condition in every input image that is a balance of enough light and not too much will yield the best results. Most modern camera’s auto settings are sufficient in accomplishing this task but for best results the pilot perform the following: 

AirWorks recommendations:

  • Constant Camera Maintenance 
  • Perform Camera Quality Checks
  • Take shadows into consideration by avoiding flying during early morning or evening 
  • Take brightness of the day into consideration 

Every site is different some might not have shadows but have a bright shine in which case flying early or late in the day might be better. A camera in good condition and a holistic approach to conditions when flying will be the data collectors best friend.


More information on flying conditions and camera settings and test can be found in the flight parameters page: (link)