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Setting up a Flight Boundary

Haven't flown the your site yet? No problem, set up the parameters on the AirWorks Web App to create a georeferenced KML file that can be exported and used with other flight software applications.

If the site has yet to be mapped with an aerial survey follow the steps below:

  1. To create a new project start by clicking the plus button in the top right corner of the “My Projects” home pageNewProject-Button
  2. Name the project and if desired provide a project description the respected lines
  3. Click on the “Define your site location and boundaries” button
  4. In the top left corner enter the address of the site in the bar with the magnifier.Site address
  5. In the drop down menu select the desired address and the map will zoom to its location.
  6. Expand the processing area bar with the up arrow and select draw.
  7. Draw your flight boundary by clicking on the map. Double click to complete the boundary.
    1. Ensure that the flight boundary extends 100ft from the edge of the site providing a buffer around the site. For more information:
    2. Also ensure that your fight area is less than 85 acres. If larger multiple flights is recommended. For more information:
  8. Download the flight boundary as a (.kml) using the down arrow processing area bar as shown below: Download flight kml
  9. Congrats you’re ready to map the site
  10. Once your site is flown and flight images have been stitched into the orthomosaic and point cloud, click the “Upload Data Files” button.Upload data files button
  11. Upload project files by dragging and dropping or by clicking “browse” and choosing the desired files.
    1. The software requires a geolocated orthomosaic in (.tiff) format and a point cloud saved as a (.las). A processing boundary may also be uploaded as (.kml) or drawn in the web app before processing. Note that the processing boundary should be different from the flight boundary. For more information on data requirements for the project files visit the project files requirement page here: (link)
      Upload data set