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Uploading Project Files

Already have flown your site and are ready to order a site from AirWorks?

Follow the steps below to create a project on the AirWorks Web App:
  1. To create a new project start by clicking the plus button in the top right corner of the “My Projects” home page. NewProject-Button-1
  2. Name the project and if desired provide a project description the respected lines
  3. Click on the “Upload .tiff and .las files” button
  4. Upload project files by dragging and dropping or by clicking “browse” and choosing the desired files.
    1. The software requires a geolocated orthomosaic in (.tiff) format and a point cloud saved as a (.las). A processing boundary may also be uploaded as (.kml) or drawn in the web app before processing.

      Note that the processing boundary should be different from the flight boundary. For more information on data requirements for the project files visit the project files requirement page here: (link) Upload data set